Final symposium in Brno during festival Mont of Author´s Reading 2011

Final meeting of all participant belonged to Alien in my space partnership
28/07 - 15/08/2011

Each partner is coming from different cultural, methodical, organisational and generational backgrounds. At the end of the project we wanted to exchange our experiences with art as a learning experience and a tool of social transformation. Our objective was improving our ability to cooperate on a European level and a cross-generational level. In the long run we tried to establish a loose European network of organisations on the most diverse operative levels of the arts sphere that are interested in the concept of lifelong learning and share thoughts about the demands an aging society makes on our work and wish to integrate partners and learners who are disadvantaged by socio-economic, geographical or other reasons into their work and into an appropriate network.

Objective of final meeting was evaluation of implementation of project and implementantion of idea of the partnership into real artistic and social activities. Results of the evaluation will be part of final report of each partner of AIM project.

Two informal meetings getting to know and planning bilateral activities, as well as visiting literary festival Month of Author´s Reading organized by Centre for culture and society where it will be held the final symposium next year.

5th Symposium of the partners in Berlin

Meeting of all participants of the AIM project at GlogauAIR in Berlin

03/06- 05/06/2011


- evaluation of activities organized by AIM participants

- evaluation of technical, educative and managment aspects of the project

- preparation of materials for final report and the final meeting in Brno
- evaluation of blog and official website of partners
- puting together the information for the final evaluation and report
-Exchange of documentation: photos, video...

- panel discussion about goals and achievments of AIM

Presentation of the different activites analysing it's results, problems and implementation.

"Alien in my space"exhibition in Brno 12/04/ - 18/06/2011

Exhibition of visual works of participants from AIM project

12/04/2011 - 18/06/2011

Bilateral activity/P60/Centre for culture and society/Erciyes University in Kayseri/GlogauAIR/Kunst-Förderverein Berlin e.V.

Each organization/institution of cultural network linked with Alien in my space comes from different cultural, methodical, organizational and generational backgrounds. Thus we want to exchange our experiences with art as a learning experience means and tool of social transformation.

That is the reason we have decided to organize an exhibition in one of the most frequently visited artistic meeting points (the theatre Ha Divadlo). The exhibition not only filled the condition of cultural and professional background, but the place itself does also characterize the theme “Alien in my space” from “the opposite view”. The fact that we have chosen a space of a “theatre” instead of a common exhibition space usually appointed for visual arts thus not only extended the spectrum of visitors /who primarily came to see the performance/ but the visitors had also a chance to meet with works by fine artists. The combination thus provided an opportunity of mutual learning within the exhibition space and sharing experiences among partners. /The CKS as an organization mainly linked to theatre activities thus draws into the creative process other organizations specialized in fine arts into the creative process/.

The opening exhibition took place on April 12, 2011. An accompanying programme of the opening was an evening of literary conquest final awarding /by the Větrné mlýny publishments – a sister company of the CKS/. The literary conquest was called “A letter to Gagarin” and it was announced in the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the first man in space. Particularly the theme of Gagarin´s space travels and the “alienism” has become the impulse for inviting our Grundtvig partners.

Our common activities were related to theme Alien in my space. Considering the phenomenon of Gagarin the motive has been shifted, because he himself became “an alien for aliens”. The motive shift could be viewed not in the motive of a human being flying into space of “aliens”, but in the fact that there in space are aliens at home and human being thus becomes an alien to them in their home space.

The Czech generation after 1989 has quite often confronted the feeling of “being an alien in their space”. The economical and political changes of 89 have caused migration of many young people who have decided to live and work abroad. The society of post-communist countries has very frequently experienced the feeling of suddenly sharing a space which belongs to somebody else. It automatically evoked Non-tolerance, a feeling of being a foreigner somewhere, a strucking contrast of cultural and social traditions, interlinking of similarities in form of globalization, unability to accept – all of these facts were felt and visible in the exhibiting works of the 10 EU fine artists.

- Artistic interdepartmental cooperation/linking theatre and fine arts in organizational and cultural management fields
- Interlinking of arts coming from different cultural and social backgrounds
- Interpretation of phrase “Alien in my space“ to a feeling of human being, who becomes “an alien in their space“
- Communication about the possibilities of using space not primarly appointed for fine art exhibition – installation of art, space parametres, starting points and results
- Common exhibition arrangements
- By artistic exhibition evoke questions of problems regarding inhabitant migration from former Eastern block to the Western lands – social, psychological and economical aspects

The Solaris Gallery was represented with works by authors Leny Braun and Finn K. Buchwald; the GlogauAir by works by Sonia Orfila, Paco Vallejo, Sergio Frutos, Irene Pascual, Johny Amore. The Kayiseri UniversityTurkey was presented by video art by the author Hakan Pehlivan. The CKS was represented by work of Slovak fine artist Michal Gogora. The P60 was represented by video art by authors Marcel Verschoor and Nicole van Reitschoten.

KEY TO TURKEY workshop for students of Erciyes University in Kayseri 17/03/ - 18/03/2011

Workshop focus on maping Turkish and Central European area for students of Guzel Sanatlar Fakultesi organized by representatives of Centre for culture and society (Brno)
17/03/ - 18/03/2011

Aim of the event is to map social and cultural aspects of young Turkish people in their daily common life from the Central Europe habitants point of view.
Distance between the Czech city of Brno and city of Kayseri is almost 2500 km. To drive a car there would take you approximately one day. We will have equal time space to overcome the geographical, cultural and national distance and thus at least symbolically create an imaginary bridge between these two different cities.

The workshop should help creating national and cultural selfidentity and at the same time it should provide a more precise and concrete view of Central European habitants on life, conditions and atmosphere in the country, which lives “one leg in Europe and the other in Asia“.

Workshop will procees in the form of an open discussion and interactive activities on topics such as: /Where am I at home?/Who is an alien to me?/What places am I (not) going at?

The output of the workshop will be published in the socio-cultural revue called “RozRazil“.

Head of workshop: Michaela Velčková from Centre for culture and society (Brno) and Hakan Pehlivan as representative of Erciyes University (Kayseri)

4th Symposium in p60 Amstelveen

4th Symposium of partners in frame of project Alien in my space partnership
25/11 - 27/11/2010

Goal and objectives of meeting:
Review of results and problematic found until the moment/Building up the blog with texts and images/Bring together the results of all the exchange experiences/Disscussion how our theoretic theme has been put in practice during the whole programme/Taking a part in event "Moving Buldings"/

Perfomance Art Seminar by GlogauAIR at Erciyes University in Kayseri 07/11 - 15/11 2010

Performance Art Seminar for 20 students of the Fine arts Faculty of Erciyes University with participation of GlogauAIR representatives
07/11 - 15/11 2010

Permonce Art Seminar was sucessfully finished in form of final presentation in the Faculty's Conference Hall. T

he theme of the workshop will be around Home Sweet Home/ Alien in My Space. Examples from the Home Sweet Home Festival will be presented an discussed and the young artists will develop their own live art works and show them in the final presentation. For that occasion a documentary will be filmed by a professional team that are interested in international exchange experiences. The workshop was incredibly successful, many ideas came out and we did a final presentation in front of more then 200 persons. At the beginning Performance Art was really an Alien reality for our students but at the end we where very surprised of the deep and diverse works the students did. We where really surprised for their reception and creativity. Although it was really exhausting to build up a festival in only one week the effort was really worth it.

Moving Buildings 2010 video art festival in Amstelveen 24/11/2010 - 28/11/2010

Alien in my space partners taking part on video art festival Moving Buildings 24/11/2010 - 28/11/2010

During 10 days from the end October till Novembre 2010, on the glass front of P60 and Schouwburg, international artists will be showing their visual projections. With the use of projected video and innovative artistic design Moving Buildings will animate the nightlife of the Stadsplein. The artists will create interaction with the public through visual arts and architecture. It offers to the residents of Amstelveen a new way to experience their daily environment.The windows of the buildings will be coverd with lime paper. There will be a beamer for each projection repeating the artistic results the whole evening till midnight. The videos will be made with the use of grafics, animation, digital technics, camera recordings and edit results.

"Aliens in my space" theme

In Europe, different cultures live very close geographically but often don’t know each other at all. We are Aliens to each other although we live only a few kilometres away, and too often we become trapped into holding on to prejudices and clichés. War was a normal factor for many years between the different European communities: To fight against your neighbours is a long European tradition. Although today we have laid down our arms, former conflict is a fact that still influences us as a structural point of our history. The frontiers are open between our countries and we can now travel and live abroad with near absolute freedom, yet we still need to learn more about our former “enemies” and our different realities. We understand Aliens as catalysers and information transmitters; the ones who travel abroad and spread new possibilities and ideas. Afterwards we try to fit them into their own spaces -- their city, their landscape, their homes. In these spaces we feel more able to recognise their own particularities and traditions; the subjectivity of every culture can be seen as an object in the space in which it takes place.

SOLARIS Lena Braun (Berlin)
GLOGAUAIR Irene Pascual, Johny Amore, Belen Rodriguez, Heiko Pfreundt (Berlin)
ERCIYES UNIVERSITY Hakan Pehlivan (Kayseri)
p60 Marcel Verschoor, Nicole van Rietschoten (Amsterdam)
CENTRE FOR CULTURE AND SOCIETY Martina Nováková, Michal Maruška (Brno)

GRID Photo Bienale of Amsterdam 24/09 - 30/11/2010

Participation of partners from Alien in my space partnership on GRID 2011
24/09 - 30/11/2010

GRID is a biennial, international photography event initiated to showcase the freshest and most innovative trends in contemporary photography, as well as the diverse subject matter explored via the photographic medium. GRID is an initiative of Stichting Amsterdam Photo (Foundation Amsterdam Photo). GRID2010 has been extended this year to the cities Almere, Amstelveen, Haarlem and Zaanstad. Spin-off’s of the festival are being established in Bergen and Purmerend. With more than eighty projects across sixty locations and around twenty participating countries, GRID is currently Holland's biggest international image based event.

GRID aims to create an environment that showcases the diverse styles and themes in contemporary photography and visual communication and to provide a platform for both renowned and emerging photographers to display their work. Via special 'image routes', GRID2010 visitors will be lead through different themed exhibitions. In Amsterdam for example an exciting and innovative music-photography route will be created. In addition to the visual exhibitions of GRID2010 a wide range of workshops, panel discussions and seminars will be supplementing the event as well as a portfolio review weekend.

GlogauAIR was represented by: Ali Hanoon, Lorenzo Rodriguez, Ignacio Chavarri, Irene Pascual, Paco Vallejo, Johnny Amore, Ángel de la Rúbia, Sonia Orfila
Solaris were presented works by Lena Braun
Centre for culture and society was represented by phographer Radek Brousil and experimental artist Jiří Havlíček
p60 exhibited there art pieces by Marcel Verschoor, Nicole van Rietschoten and Laura von Nierop
Erciyes University has there works by Hakan Pehlivan, Vedat Çolak, Ahmet Albayrak, Kürşat Albayrak


For the occasion Hakan Pehlivan from Kayseri Erciyes University did an art workshop in the Gymnasium of Amstelveen.

Home Sweet Home Festival at GlogauAIR 09/07 - 11/07/2010

Home Sweet Home Festival, Berlin, in cooperation with Werkstatt der Kulturen.
09/07 - 11/07/201

Home Sweet Home Festival, Berlin, in cooperation with Werkstatt der Kulturen.
09/07 - 11/07/2010

Performance and Videoart Festival. 20 performances / 8 videoart selections / 2 workshops (see program:

Curatorial statement / Concept:

Our starting point is to establish the home or the living space as a place where our private life is carried out, the intimate place, the private scene: A revealing room of our cultural identity; A place where the life of the family and the individual develops; in any part of the world, in all the cultures, it exists in a million different forms.

Many people think of home in terms of where they grew up or where they lived, a place that brings back old memories or feelings, and a home can even be a feeling rather than an actual place. The phrases, "There's no place like home." or "Home is where the heart is." come from these sentiments.

The home is a testimony of our existence, where the going on of our lives is revealed in a physical form; it can be represented through the movements which inside this space happen, in the objects that we accumulate or in the proper form and dimension that the space takes. At home we keep our most valued goods and receive our most dear hosts. When we want to disconnect and be in intimacy, it is the place where we are more in pleasure, our proper portion of the world: Our island, our castle.

We believe that the Home can be an interesting topic for a multicultural project since with a very clear and explicit subject-matter, a space, we can talk and reflect other topics with big anthropological and social interest: The diversity. The differences the home takes are representative of social class, customs, ideology, climate, education... The home speaks by itself and about the persons who inhabit it, about us.

Panel discussion in Seminaarraum / Werkstatt der Kulturen:

"Art as a social transforming tool" in a frame of Alien in my Space Learn partnership
Irene Pascual, Patrick Morarescu, Heiko Pfreundt (from GlogauAIR), Lena Braun (Solaris Künstlerverein), Marcel Verschoor, Monica Aggio (P60), Inma Prieto & Stephan Kruhl (representing Centre for culture and society Brno)

With edition of a catalogue.

3rd Symposium for coorganizers of Alien in my space project 25/07 - 01/08/2010

3rd Symposium for of AIM in Brno during festival Month of Author´s Reading 2010
25/06/ - 01/08/2010

Content of meeting

common learning of aspects of cultural managment/discussion about sustainability of commercial subject orientated on alternative and non-commercial art, literature and music/ concrete planned activities on Amsterdam biennale on September 2010/collection professional opinions about general problems of distributing of “young” visual art – specially in media and video art area/

Participants from AIM project: Mrcel Verschoor, Nicole van Rietschoten, Irene Pascual, Stephan Kruhl, Petr Minařík, Pavel Řehořík, Michaela Velčková

OPEN STUDIOS in GlogauAIR 24/06/ - 26/06 2010

Bilateral activity between GlogauAIR, P60, Su de CouCou gallery
24/06/ - 26/06 2010

OPEN STUDIOS with Gianni Moretti /// Bruno Olle /// Kuno Ebert /// Sidonie Zou Zou /// Ruth Murray /// Gabriel Dufour /// Hannelore Van Dijck /// Luis L. Carrasco /// Melissa Ramos /// Vessna Perunovich /// Boja Vasic ///+ Guest artist from Grundtvig Marcel Verschoor (P60 Amstelveen)

Workshop of P60 and Erciyes University at Guzel Sanatlar Fakultesi in Kayseri 7/05/-22/05/2010

Perfomance, workshop, exhibition and lectures of representatives of P60 and Erciyes University
07/05 - 22/05/2010

In occasion of the Spring University Fest, Marcel Vershoor was invited to perform and participate in their many activities.
Marcel Vershoor and Laura van Nierop went to visit Erciyes university to meet students to exchange ideas about education in Turkey and The Netherlands.

Public reading of authors from Centre for culture and society in Saloon Su de Coucou 17/04/2010

Public reading of authors from Centre for culture and society (Brno, Czech republic) in space of Saloon Su de CouCou (Berlin)


Czech authors Kateřina Tučková und Petr Čichoň are interested in problematic of historical and contemporary relationship between Czechia and Germany in space of gallery Su de CouCou

Kateřina Tučková

Prosaschriftstellerin, Publizistin, Kuratorin. Wurde vor neunundzwanzig Jahren in Brno geboren. Sie hat Bohemistik und Kunstgeschichte studiert und seither zahlreiche Ausstellungen zeitgenössischer tschechischer Malerei in Tschechien und im Ausland kuratiert. Sie ist die Verfasserin einer Monographie über die Schriftstellerin Věra Sládková (2009) und der Novelle „Montespaniáda“ (2006). Für den Herbst plant sie den Roman „Gerta“: „Zu dieser Geschichte haben mich wirkliche Begebenheiten inspiriert, die sich unmittelbar in der Straße, dem Haus, der Wohnung, in der ich wohne, ereignet haben: die gewaltsame Aussiedlung der Brünner Deutschen in der Nacht vom 30. auf den 31. Mai 1945. [...] Gerta, die in Brno den Krieg erlebt hat, dem Transport entkommen ist und sich in Südmähren verborgen gehalten hat, kehrt Anfang der 1950er Jahre an Orte zurück, die schon ein ganz anders Aussehen haben, als die, an die sie sich erinnern kann.“

Petr Čichoň

Dichter und Musiker, geboren am 23. Juni 1969 in Ostrava, Autor von Bänden spirituell-folkloristischer Lyrik: „Chilia“ (1995), „Villa diabolica“ (1998) und „Preußische Balladen“ (Pruské balady, 2007). Er studierte an der Technischen Universität in Brno, in den 1990er Jahren arbeitete er als Verlags- und Zeitungsredakteur, seit 1998 betreibt er sein eigenes Architekturstudio. Über sein letztes Buch, das zweisprachig deutsch-tschechisch erschien und durch einen CD-Tonträger ergänzt wurde, sagt er: „Ich habe vor allem auf dem Gebiet der Inspiration experimentiert. In den Balladen durchdringen sich thematisch die peußisch-schlesische Gegenwart mit diabolischen Aufzügen deutscher Figuren aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg...“

Exhibition in Saloon Su de Cou Cou/Solaris Kunstverein, Berlin 03/04/2010 - 04/05/2010

03/04/2010 - 04/05/2010

Exhibition in Su de Cou Cou gallery and project space/Solaris Kunstverein, Berlin

Cihangir Guemuestuerkmen /performance/music by NAMOSH/Berlin

Marcel Verschoor/Mixed Media/Amsterdam

Hakan Pehlivan/Mixed Media/Kayseri

Mirko Lange/Sculptures/Berlin

Cihangir Guemuestuerkmen stammt aus der türkischen Hafenstadt Izmir und lebt seit 1977 in Berlin. Seit seiner frühesten Kindheit malt und zeichnet er. Cihangir arbeitet genreübergreifend. In seiner neuesten Arbeit widmet Cihangir sich dem Thema Kopftuch, einem Kleidungsstück, welches vertraut wirkt, aber immer wieder polarisiert. Auf einer Gradwanderung zwischen modischem Accessoire, religiösem Symbol und politischer Provokation, kann dieses Stück Stoff identitätsstiftend, ausgrenzend und vereinnahmend wirken oder sich einfach nur gut anfühlen. Cihangir setzt sich mit dieser Bedeutungsschwere spielerisch auseinander und transformiert die Thematik in seinen ganz eigenen Kosmos. Erstmalig arbeitet er dabei mit großflächigen Fotocollagen, die er mittels Leuchtkästen präsentiert. Flüchtig betrachtet wirken sie wie Reklametafeln aus einem türkischen Imbiss, doch wer sie genauer hinsieht, wird mit jedem weiteren Blick frappiert und entdeckt überrascht Neues.
Das Repertoire Cihangirs umfasst Fotographie, Malerei, Keramik, Bildhauerei und Performance-Art. Sein Debüt gab er 1993 mit "Transformation“, Bildern von Dragqueens. 1999 überraschte der Künstler mit "PUMPS 2000", bizarren Schuhplastiken aus Keramiken, Blech, Spitze, Perlen, Lego-Bausteine und Nudeln. 2005 folgte "Noire", eine abstrakte Acrylbildserie, die sich mit dem Spannungsfeld zwischen der Farbe Schwarz und der Struktur von Metallfarbtuben auseinandersetzt.

Marcel Verschoor

"Die wichtigste Thematik in meinen Arbeiten war lange Zeit ,Leben und Tod'."

Ich suchte nach ständiger Veränderung und Prozessen, die die Zeit transzendieren. Das übertrug ich auf eine Serie von Skulpturen, die aus geometrischen Formen bestanden, die ihren Ursprung im Sonnenkreuz haben. Nach dieser Periode suchte ich nach der inneren Gefühlswelt des Menschen und entdeckte eine konstante Suche nach Gleichgewicht.
Der Mensch versucht, das Chaos in den Griff zu bekommen und erschafft dadurch nur noch mehr Chaos. Die Formen, die in dieser Zeit meine Arbeit bestimmten sind Kreis, Rechteck und Quadrat. Mein Werk hat oftmals eine ähnliche Struktur, egal ob es offensichtliches Chaos beinhaltet oder nicht. Das zuvor erwähnte Thema ist immer noch ein wichtiges Ausdrucksmittel in meiner Arbeit. Ich versuche Prozessen zu folgen, die der Mensch durchlebt und beobachte die Balance verschiedenster Situationen. Ich versuche das in Bilder zu übersetzen, in denen der Betrachter sich selbst erkennt. Häufige Themen sind Furcht, Zerbrechlichkeit, Ausgeglichenheit und Unausgeglichenheit.
Mein Werk hat sich in letzter Zeit vom Abstrakten zum Figürlichen hinentwickelt. Die Technik, die Formensprache und die Farben meiner abstrakten Arbeiten haben sich mit figurativen Elementen verbunden.

Hakan Pehlivan

"Wenn ich auf kosmische Weise darüber nachdenke wie kapitalistische Expansionspolitik und Europäischer Imperialismus die Modernen Zeiten geprägt haben, denke ich an eine Luftblase, einen Luftballon. Der Fesselballon war die Geburtsstätte der Reise in das All, Aufbruch und Experiment zugleich. Aus diesen sehr verschiedenen Gründen sind in meiner aktuellen Arbeit Ballons enthalten."
In der Ausstellung ist zu sehen: BALLOON PHILOSOPHY 65 cm x10 cm (triple) mixed media.

Mirko Lange

Mirko Lange wurde 1980 in Schwelm geboren und machte 2001 seinen Gesellenbrief als Möbeltischler in Hagen (NRW). Er ist der Newcomer der Gruppenausstellung ALIEN IN MY SPACE. Lange stellt seine Alien-Skulpturen aus Fahrradteilen seit 2003 öffentlich aus.
2007 holte er sein Abitur mit Schwerpunkt Kunst in Berlin nach. Seid dem ist er freischaffend tätig. Besonders erwähnenswert sind seine Ausstellungsbeteiligungen "Querschnitt" im Bethanien, Berlin, 2008 und "Bilder Skulpturen Objekte" mit Sybille Eckhorn in der Galerie des Max Planck Instituts Greifswald, 2009.

2nd Symposium of the partners in Amstelveen

23/03/- 25/03/ 2011
2nd Symposium Alien in my space

Here we had the occasion to visit the infrastructure of our partner P60 in Amstelveen and to plan the next bilateral activities. We also made a review of our main discussion getting the vision of all the partners and analysing practical examples.